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Higher Education Institutions

Pace Education works with IHE’s to develop strategic solutions that build the organization’s visibility and enrollment, maximize funding, and create sustainable growth for long-term goals. We have success across institutional types including public, private, 2-yr, 4-yr and MSI’s.

K-12 Service Providers

Pace Education helps publishers and professional development organizations by conducting research and program evaluation. K-12 service providers benefit from Pace Education expertise in understanding how services impact schools.

Individual Schools

Pace Education offers a range of services to individual schools, including program evaluation, charter school application design, formative school reviews and leadership coaching.

School Districts and School Management Organizations

Pace Education provides a comprehensive set of school improvement services to districts and school management organizations, including the design and implementation of school reviews, school improvement planning processes and leadership coaching.

Charter School Authorizers

Pace Education provides a range of consultative support services for charter school authorizers that strengthen internal processes and build organizational capacity.


Foundations engage Pace Education for a variety of services, including curriculum development, social justice and equity initiatives, school design, grant evaluation and school reviews.

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