About Us


We passionately approach our work through a deeply held set of core values.

Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission is to build the instructional and leadership capacity of educational institutions and organizations to advance all aspects of student achievement, development and well-being.

Our vision is an equitable educational ecosystem that interprets best practices to meet the unique needs of every community, neighborhood and school. To accomplish this vision, we work from a set of core values:

We believe accountability for results is an essential component of every successful organization.

Best Practices
We identify effective practices across the education landscape, interpret and apply them in all aspects of our work.

Collaboration and Learning
We serve our clients best by collaborating and learning with them.

We practice cultural competence in the diverse communities and schools in which we work, and are strengthened by differing backgrounds, beliefs, experiences and approaches.

We seek to understand the context and practices of schools, districts, universities, authorizers, and communities through research and evidence-based processes.

How can we help your organization?

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We are located in South Carolina, but available for business around the globe!

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